Welcome to our website, Emergency Basics & Beyond, where you can find all of the basic home emergency supplies in your quest to get yourself and family prepared for any kind of emergency. Today, being prepared and using emergency preparedness gear is the key to being calm and collected if a devastating situation arises. Emergency essentials will enable you to always be ready. We know how important it is for everyone to have these items ready and available at a moments notice. Please take your time deciding what items are needed to sustain you and your loved ones.

We offer a unique variety of those essential items that you will need. When it comes to food, you will find a huge variety of long-lasting food supplies, like a bulk 72-hour emergency food supply, as well outdoor cooking supplies and solar ovens for sale so that you can cook food even without electricity. Be ready for any situation with the survival kits online here on our store along with multi-purpose survival tools. Keep your home lit with solar-powered flashlights and lanterns.

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Quality shelter is a must to be prepared for all weather conditions and you can find a wide selection of tents and camping gear here. Also, an area that is easily overlooked is communication devices to allow you to stay in contact with your family and friends; find a walkie-talkie 2-way radio set with us. We hope you can see that we are dedicated into keeping you safe with our emergency preparedness gear and our selection of essential waterproof survival guides. Our goal is you to keep you always ready and prepared.