Emergency Food Storage and Water

In any emergency situation, it will bring you incredible reassurance to know that you have enough food to feed yourself and your family until life returns to normal. When you shop here at Emergency Basics and Beyond, you can rest assured that you will find the very best quality emergency food at prices that you can afford. With all the great options we offer here, you are certain to find the emergency food storage kit that best meets your needs. Choose from options like complete 72-hour food kits, freeze-dried emergency meals, fruits and vegetables. These long-lasting, delicious meals are designed for maximum deliciousness while also providing nutrition that you can rely on for 25 years and longer. Don’t hesitate; find the emergency meals that best fit your family’s needs.

Long-lasting food is a necessity for every household! In situations where refrigeration is impossible, or when you don’t have immediate access to a grocery store, emergency food can keep you and your family from going hungry. We offer both complete meals as well as ingredients like individual servings of freeze dried fruit, vegetables, sauces, meat, rice and more. A four-person, 72-hour food supply is an affordable investment in emergency preparedness, and is easy to store. Emergency preparedness enthusiasts can also shop for sets of more than a thousand servings of long-lasting food. Be sure to browse our entire website for a complete selection of emergency basics, like a family blackout kit for your home or a GoSun portable solar cooker for tasty cooking without electricity. Shop now!